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Our Affiliate Program Makes YOU Money

The Hostking affiliate program is set up to 25% commission and is one of South Africa's hottest (and most generous) pay-per-sale programs - and entirely free to join. Leverage your marketing prowess, and existing traffic, to earn referral commissions from the traffic you send us.

Program Overview

Acquire new signups for Hostking services and then receive a commission of up to 25% per qualifying signup! As you can see, our affiliate program is an easy way of making some extra cash.

1. Sign up for our Affiliate Program

Signing up is free and easy - click here to apply now!

2. Share your Affiliate Link

Use your your affiliate link to refer your clients!

3. Earn Commission from Hostking

Once a referral uses your link to make a valid purchase, you'll earn a commission!

4. Release Funds

Check your signups and commissions via the client area and request payment easily.

How to Share it on Facebook

Make a post and embed your link on facebook!

How to Share it on Twitter

Use your your affiliate link to refer your clients!

How to Share it on your Blog or Website

Use your your affiliate link on a banner of your choice to refer your clients!

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An Awesome Pay-per-sale Affiliate Program