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Some tips on getting new domain

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Some tips and key information on domain name purchasing

Why use a domain?

Before domains there were only ip addreses. This means everyone using the web had to remember numbers same as if using a phonebook. Imagine we had to use a phonebook to look things up. So domains were invented so that unique words could be used instead thus making it easier to remember and organize.

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Why you need a web hosting account for a domain?

Think of it as if the domain is the name of your shop however the sop itself that stores all the items to sell and the property location itself is the web hosting account. You need a web hosting account to store emails and website files in order to make your website live on the internet.

Start small and increase in size when needed

When you start a new business or brand you dont really need the biggest hosting plan to go with it. Hence start free or start small. You can easily migrate to bigger plans or hosting when the need arises. Save on costs and as your business grows you can invest in better hosting like our premium hosting to give your website more resources thus making it more responsive and faster for your viewers.

Choose the right domain

When starting any business or brand online it is critical to choose the name that works for the brand and is most of all easier to remember. Using hyphens at times can make it confusing and difficult to remmeber. Hence choose a domain that works for your brand.

Choose the right domain extension

Domain extensions are also there for example .shop or .com ,etc. You dont always have to look for the popular extensions as most people use search engines such as google to search things. But choose the domain extension that is correct and relevant to your business. Choosing for example a domain extension like example.sport does not make sense if you have an online bakery as its not a sport. Hence choose something more relevant.
Country domain extensions also help with ranking for example if in South Africa try and choose domain extensions like co.za or net.za, etc. though getting a .com or .shop may also help as you can point domains with different extensions to the same website thus protecting your brand.

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Try these most popular domains.