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Linux VPS hosting is a unique option for many businesses and entrepreneurs to get full root access which gives you more control over your environment, allowing for custom script or application installs. Install and Manage your own applications with ease.

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No matter what type of hosting service you are looking for, Hostking has got you covered. As a leading provider of all site management services, We have the knowledge and resources to bring you the highest level of service on a regular basis.





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Unmanaged Windows VPS Features

Virtual private server (or VPS) hosting is the way to get access to all of the advantages of a dedicated server while saving as much money as possible. It is a newer form of web hosting, but its popularity has really taken off. That’s because it is customizable, flexible, and offers all of the service options that owners of dedicated servers can expect. It's the best of both worlds - now is a good time to get on board and try it out for yourself.

Why Hostking Linux VPS Hosting?

Speed, Reliability, Support & So Much More!

Complete ROOT access

Full Root access gives you more control over your environment, allowing for custom script or application installs.

Weekly Backups

Have peace of mind that your VPS Server is being backed up.

Powerful Hardware Used

Your VPS is hosted on Powerful Dual Xeon CPU Servers with 64GB of ECC Memory and RAID Disks and Redundent Power Supplies.

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  • I’ve been using Hostking for a few years and their service is excellent! The Hostking server admins are very knowledgeable and friendly. Their servers always have the latest hardware and they allow you to use command line tools via shell access on their shared hosting servers. Their VPS servers are also cheap. Mail delivery is also quick and efficient, these guys are one of South Africa’s best hosting companies in my opinion.

    Derek C HelloPeter

  • From the moment I registered with them, I was impressed by their speed and availability. I had some questions and their support (online chat and email correspondence) was very efficient in tackling my worries. I did thorough research on hosting providers and I have seen Hostking recommended above all others more than once. I fully understand why that is now. Just excellent customer service!

    Lani G HelloPeter

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